New mindset and new freedom of mobility

Determination and persistence in living a normal life after a life-changing event is something that Jeffrey Piggott has mastered. Before losing his leg in a motor vehicle accident whilst riding his motorcycle in January 2000, Jeffrey led a very active lifestyle. A young man with limitless opportunities and a promising career, he was in-charge of family owned Excavation business, operating heavy machinery, leading the workforce and coordinating of daily operational tasks in various worksites.
Jeffrey’s recovery from his accident was a long and difficult journey with specialist doctors exploring numerous avenues to save his leg. This resulted with Jeffrey enduring 4 years dependant on crutches.
Accepting his fate, Jeffrey made his decision to amputate his left leg below the knee in 2004. Forming a new mindset, Jeffrey’s rehabilitation proved to be a success with a renewed focus. His ultimate goal was to reclaim his freedom of mobility.
Jeffrey made informed decisions during his rehabilitation and connected with skilled people at XXX clinic. He was an active participant in his treatment program ensuring that he articulated his level of comfort when trialling his prosthesis. He was fitted with the Ottobock Harmony System.
Looking back now, Jeffrey recalled his time from rehabilitation to his treatment program, "A very nervous and daunting time of my life was made easier by the staff at XXX. The care, professionalism and friendship shown to me made this difficult time so much easier for not only myself but my also for my family."
Dedicated to his newly found confidence, Jeffrey is a very active amputee who has not let wearing a prosthesis get in the way of living a normal fulfilling life. He is heavily involved in motor sport, which started as a hobby competing in motor racing at Sydney Motor Sport Park and Wakefield Park. Passionate about helping others, Jeffrey works closely with Ottobock undergoing field tests and trials for new products evaluation.

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